The demand for automated processes, streamlined workflows, and a cloud-based ERP software has become increasingly evident in day to day business. Automated processes help with productivity and efficiency while streamlining workflows to help improve communication. Communication between departments allow for better tracking of tasks, and a cloud-based ERP software allows access from any device. 

Owners who are willing to make a cultural change and take on the headache of this shift will reap the benefits of improved employee morale and a better bottom line. The level of how much an ERP system will move the needle in the positive is up to the owner.

As the cheerleader of the company, the owner is watched at all times, and the harder s/he strives towards implementation, the more the company will follow suit. We have found the owners that take the time to implement change the right way, have found huge successes in both morale and profit. As businesses continue to adapt to this changing economy by taking a step into the digital world of ERP software, it can be overwhelming choosing the right one, and once you do, what’s next?

So, are you ready to sign up and make the first step? We would like to walk you through the implementation process, so you know what to expect. It is broken into 4 easy steps:

The first step is reviewing the data you have now. Do you have a vendor list? A customer list of who you sell to. We will need a customer list, vendor list and an inventory list of the parts you stock so we can upload them into the system. 

The second step is to setup the system for your company. V Sign Software is very well aware of the culture of the company you have created, and we want to preserve this. The site setup will allow you to pick how the system responds to input, so your workflow in V Sign Software mimics what you do now.

The third step is testing. We want to do a screen share with you, test out some scenarios and make sure your system is ready to launch to your company. This can be as fast as 10 min, or as long as a couple days depending on how much you want to review. Either way, we are here for you. 

The fourth and final step is training. We will setup a time to train online or in person to make sure your company is proficient. The last thing we want is for your team to spin their wheels trying to understand the system. We want you selling and building signs for your clients. 

After all the steps are done, we are not gone. Customer Support is also one of our top priorities here at V Sign Software. Whether it is helping navigate through the platform, troubleshooting an issue, or even programming one of your product requests, we are available to you by phone and email. Although the provided training and intuitive software will most likely answer most questions, we are always here for our clients and take pride in providing the highest level of customer support. 

V Sign software will increase productivity and output, improve processes and communication, and most importantly help your business become more profitable. Are you ready to take the step forward with the right software solution for you? 

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