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Having the greatest software at your fingertips is only half of the game.

Now that you have this program that can make your company an efficient machine, you need to learn how to use it. No professional musician just magically learned to play an instrument. They had training and they had mentors to help them reach that next level.

We at SquareCoil want you to be a rockstar. To get there, you need to be trained to make the most out of your subscription with SquareCoil. Through the years of working with hundreds of custom manufacturing facilities, we have learned the tricks to expand your reach. The founder having owned a sign company for over 20 years has become an expert in how to make the most of your company. That knowledge we want to pass on to you.

We know that you can get there. We are ready right now to show you the way.

Yes, I want online training to maximize my subscription: $150/hr

Yes, I want to have the SquareCoil team come and train us. We want you here with in-person training: starting at $250/hr

(2 day minimum + travel expenses)

I’ve taken the courses, now what?

Now that you have taken the courses, and you are professional user of SquareCoil, we have further training to really make an impact on the bottom line of your company. We offer training in accounting, best practices for month end close out and other “best practices” to make your company’s profits hit new levels.

Yes, I want to learn QB/QBO best practices to streamline operations (online training): $150/hr

In-person training on accounting best practices.

The Center of the Coil

Once all trainings needed have been completed and you could train others on how to use the system, We still have another level for you to grow from. You may request the founder of SquareCoil will come out and train your company. Find out more here.