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We believe in long term partnerships with our clients, making your success our success.

I started in the custom industry in 1998. Back then managing projects and establishing organization was a difficult task. Using pen and paper, we spent hours updating reports that consumed our day. As the owner of company, we spent more time on building the reports than we did growing the business.

Every software system I attempted to implement was too clunky, complicated, expensive and had poor customer service. We needed a more intuitive system that streamlined our operation.

The Winning Formula

In 2011, I embarked to create a software that gave me the ability to run my company using one platform. Through trial and error this is how SquareCoil was born. We took an intelligent approach and let technology simplify our business. More importantly it enhanced customer service and simplified team communication. This was the winning formula.

SquareCoil’s platform is the most straight forward software system. Our relentless approach to streamlining services and processes creates the best value in the market.

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