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Ways to help the bottom line

We cannot be the same company we were in January 2020. The world is requiring us to be more aware of infectious disease and the safety of employees and customers. Companies are expected to tackle all of this in a professional manner while still achieving their normal daily operational goals.  Many companies are being forced to do this administrative work with less personnel.

As an owner, the road can be difficult and full of traps that pull time and money out of the company’s profit margin. Do not get me wrong, being an owner has many great moments, but there are a lot of obstacles to look out for.

V Sign Software has been talking to our existing client base and learning what key items are working well on our software to help them through these times. We would like to share a few of our features here with you.

Integrated Calendar

Our calendar has all of the projects shown by day and gives you the ability to show which installers are on each project. As you hover the cursor over the project, it will give you the site address and how many hours it is estimated for your installers to complete. This allows you to schedule projects in the same area on the same day, saving valuable travel time and increasing your productivity.

Ability to Work from Home

Cloud based software allows your staff to work from any computer or tablet with an internet connection. You have the ability to have your sales representatives work from home and not miss the incoming orders. The company can run without the support staff in your actual building. This means you can follow best practices and improving moral, which is going to be equally as important as our client’s trust going forward.


With an ipad in hand, receiving items from deliveries can be done right at the truck. Paper is no longer needed to be handed from one employee to another.  Daily material usage also can be entered via the program, leaving paper in the printer and saving you in printer costs. The less contact we have with one another, the better chance we have to not spreading COVID-19 or any other illness.

These are just some of the advantages that V Sign Software brings to your company to help you provide a safe working environment while still keeping the company running and successful.

You can have these same features running in your company as well. This is not a distant goal to work up to, but a goal that can be obtained today. Please reach out to us and see a demo of our system. 30 minutes of your day might re-shape the path of your company. We look forward to meeting you and your team!


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