As business owners, our goal is to be profitable and keep our business in harmony. Given the recent climate, we have to be more resourceful and efficient. Departments may have been downsized, which means fewer employees are wearing more hats and transparency in your company is ultimately more important than ever before.

The phone is ringing. Now what?

You need a centralized system that can control all of the leads coming in the front doors. As an owner, you understand the importance of marketing so it would not be far off to assume that you spend some amount of marketing dollars to attract new leads. What happens with these new leads once they come in? Where is their information stored? Where do you keep record of communication, or how and when does your sales rep know when to follow up? Yes, that was a water boarding of questions, but all equally important as an owner to ask. 

If you don’t have an answer to these questions, you are not alone. Thankfully V Sign Software has a built-in lead and CRM system. This feature allows for your sales reps to enter in the leads information, mark where the lead is in the sales pipeline, record all the correspondence, and have the option for the system to automatically remind them when to follow up. All this information is available to you and your sales reps to help aid in the process of making sure they are actively communicating and following up with potential leads. In addition, the volume report shows how many leads have been opened and processed, the close rate and sales volume for each sales rep. 

Where are we at with this project?

The visibility of the status of each project in V sign is unapparelled. There are several different ways to check on the status of a project. You can filter any project by status, address, state, city, sales rep, project manager, and even key words! In addition, you have the ability to pull queues based off the custom milestones you create for your company’s success. For example, if you want more sales, in a click of a button you can pull a report of all orders pending a proposal sent. This report will show you all the projects that have been sent a proposal, along with the sales rep, the sale price, scope of work, how many days have passed since the project has been opened and how many days have passed since the proposal has been sent. Now your sales reps can follow up with these clients and you know what work your shop has coming down the pipeline. 

From a project management standpoint, you are able to pull a queue based off all active projects or whichever specific milestone you’ve created. For example, if you want to pull a report based off every project that is stuck in permits, you can do so in the click of a button. Just like the pending proposal sent report, this will show you the amount of days the project has been opened and how many days its been on the permit milestone. Queues makes it easy for you to know where you are at on each and every project. Queues are easily accessible and will help your department leads be able to prioritize their teams’ workload as well as keep your employees accountable. 

The department hours report is V Sign works as a great tool to help you prioritize your shops time. By combining all the estimates for each project and separating them by your companies’ departments, this report allows you to see the hours allotted and hours remaining for each department. This reporting in super helpful in identifying how much overtime or how much empty space you have for the week and will allow you to be proactive when creating schedules and managing your shops workload. 

These features are just a few of the several ways V Sign software can help you have full visibility over your company. Let V Sign software help you manage your shops workload, help keep projects on track, boost productivity and make your business stay efficient and profitable! 


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