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SquareCoil is the ultimate ERP software solution designed to revolutionize custom manufacturing. With SquareCoil, you gain unparalleled control and organization over every aspect of your business. From intricate designs to accurate proposals, efficient project management, seamless invoicing, meticulous inventory control, precise time cards, and comprehensive costing, SquareCoil covers it all.

Our intuitive interface and robust features streamline operations, boost productivity, and enhance collaboration across your team. Whether you’re managing a small shop or a large manufacturing plant, SquareCoil adapts to your needs, ensuring you stay ahead in a competitive market.

Say goodbye to scattered processes and hello to integrated efficiency with SquareCoil – where manufacturing meets mastery.

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Simple one click design to access information quickly
From CRM to Costing and everything inbetween
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Easiest on the Market

SquareCoil’s platform is one of the easiest on the market to use. We make sure that you have a great business partner and achieve your goals.


The Best PM Software Available

SquareCoil was founded to offer the very best project management software available to the custom industry. We take pride in providing a tool that allows our customers to make better business decisions while saving money and increasing profitability.


Constantly Evolving

We are constantly adapting and striving to improve our solution – from theory to implementation. Our focus has always been on building you the most advanced software available

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Quoted through SquareCoil this Year$450,000,000

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