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Our approach gives you the flexibility to launch a specific area of your business, grow that area and integrate with all other parts of your company. This lets you focus on what matters most to your business today, such as tracking time in the shop or billing customers for their order. It’s a platform that is scalable and designed to grow with your business.



Estimation is a fundamental skill for any business owner, yet it can be challenging to determine the direct costs for materials and labor. Project forward with our time-saving formulas built into the calculator, and it will automatically calculate your overhead rates, total costs, and recommended markup levels. With these metrics in hand, you can make informed decisions about your next big project.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is an essential tool for any business looking to increase their sales and better manage their customer relationships. It helps businesses to track customer interactions, respond quickly to customer inquiries, and gain valuable insights into customer buying behavior.


Inventory / Purchasing

Inventory control is crucial and using a computerized inventory system can be a great asset. Having the ability to monitor inventory levels and have the system tell you when to order more will help in keeping you on top of your game. Purchasing in bulk will be a savings as well as prevent having to run out of stock on products that are selling like hot cakes.

Time Cards

Our time card tracking feature allows managers the ability to see real time costing. This keeps our employees on budget and accountable.


Multiple Locations

With SquareCoil’s advanced reporting and analytics you can track multiple projects from multiple locations. Each location will have its own reporting tools to see how each hub is doing and collaborate with each other.

Install Calendar

Our install Calendar makes it easy to keep up with clients demands. Simply add new projects, change a client’s deadline, or remove completed tasks from the schedule by dragging and dropping tasks on your calendar view.



Managers can now have access to an overview of their workforce costings. This will help to enforce cost saving measures, protect profit margins and make budgetary decisions easier.