Writing Orders

Writing Orders inside of V Sign production software saves each company a lot of time. However, it can be a struggle between sales reps as to how to write an order. Do we write an order with the reader being our internal shop or is the reader the client?

What I’ve learned over the years of watching companies get over this hurdle is that the answer is both. The Scope of Work that turns into a shop order must be written in such a way that it conveys the information to the client as well as to the shop. When a sign is sold, a design or sketch is created to show the client what the sign will look like. This design is a powerful tool in getting a well written shop order.

The trick to a perfectly written shop order is to have a common goal from all of your sales staff. Once you have articulated the main goal of the project (Manufacture and Install or Manufacture and Delivery) you then need to line item each sign. The first sign should be the farthest away from the building and then work your way towards the building and then to the inside. The monument sign would be first with a designation of A or #1, and then the wall sign would be B or #2. Once you have line itemed all of the signs with each quantity called out, the next step is to create a design request.

Create A Design Request

The designer will follow your instruction and draw up and call out each sign on the drawings as you have called out on the scope of work. The first sign will be the monument sign and it will have a designation of “A”. The beauty of this is, once the proposal is done and you send it off, the client can read the proposal as sign “A” and then review the drawings for sign “A”. This matching makes everyone’s life easier and lowers the chance of confusion.

The great advantage to V Sign Software is that with one click, you can pull the proposal information over and create a shop order. Now the order matches the drawings and the shop can reference both for understanding and ease of use.

Meet With Your V Sign Sales Team

We here at V Sign HQ recommend setting up a meeting with your sales team and coming to an agreement on how the orders should be written for your shop so there is consistency.

Good luck in sales and we wish you all the success in the world!

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