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The Fast Growing Project Management Software for the Custom Industry

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Speed Up Your Efficiencies

Squarecoil is a project management software designed to speed up the efficiencies in your company. The intuitive nature of the programming allows all members of your team to see what they need to be successful on every project. From an installation calendar to progress reporting, your company will know where every project stands.

Every custom industry has countless variables that affect the outcome of a project. SquareCoil takes these variables and makes them into easy to interpret tasks. Organization equals more time saved, giving you time to focus on what matters.

The reports inside SquareCoil give you the tools to affect real change in your organization. One example is the closed orders report. This report shows you the cost of the project, the revenue, and the profit margin of every project in the month. Showing how good you did in hitting your marks and making your company profitable.

A sad truth of the custom industry is that not all projects are profitable. SquareCoil will show your where the actuals did not match up to the estimated, so you can change your execution to excel on the next project.

The Volume Report will show you how many projects the sales team have opened, how many they have quoted and how many they have sold. This will show you who your all-stars are and who needs some help.

We have a WIP report. With a click of a button, your team will be able to see the money you have invested in the projects on the floor. This report will give your accounting dept accurate numbers. Accurate numbers are necessary for forecasting.

Let us show you how SquareCoil works, so you can see first-hand the benefits of what this software can do for you.


What is SquareCoil Software?

It is a Project management software for organizing all your work. SquareCoil has vertically integrated into many facets to help you. With timecard tracking, Purchase Orders and more, the system is your one stop shop for success.

My Company is small, will this work for us?

SquareCoil has many clients that are only 1 employee. We built the system to organize 1 or hundreds of team members to perform at their highest levels.

Is there an installation calendar to help me organize my installation team?

Yes! SquareCoil has an install calendar that is connected to the projects. As you move the install calendar around, all reports are updated immediately showing you the effect of the move

Can you create Proposals, Shop Orders and Invoices in the system?

Yes! You will be able to create all three and an infinite amount of them! Invoices take less than a minute to do, giving you more time.

Is there a contract when I say yes that I have to sign?

No! We hate contracts and we believe that our system should stand on its own merit. No lengthy contracts

Who will train us on the Software?

We have a team that will cater to you. If you want to do In person training, Zoom calls or just watch our tutorial videos, we can accommodate your style of learning.

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